FAQ of Makins Memory Frames®

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What is included in the Makins Clay® Memory Frame Kit?

Each kit includes compete instructions to complete your memory keepsake. Also included are the following: white Makins Clay® for your impression, 5 backing colors, double sided tape, Makins Brand® clay roller, picture mat & black wooden frame.

If I already have a clay impression that was made, can I order a frame without the clay?

Sure! If you do not want the clay, order the frame of your choice. At the checkout include the following discount code: NOCLAY. Your order will be discounted $1 and the frame will be shipped without clay.

It looks like the plastic cover is all scratched up? What's up with that?

The plastic frame coverings come with a thin film that needs to be removed. This film is what you are seeing scratches on. This is applied to protect the actual frame coverings. Slowly peel away the film and remove and your frame covering will now be clear.

Why aren't the frame coverings glass?

We do not use glass anymore due to a variety of reasons:

  • Breakage. In shipment glass breaks and in the past people have sometimes cut themselves trying to remove. Trying to re-ship replacement glass also proved problematic.
  • Cost. Obviously glass costs more and we try to keep the frames at an affordable price point.
  • You can replace the current covering with glass by going to a local glass maker. With the correct measurements they are replaceable.

Is the clay durable? Is it guaranteed?

Yes, Makins Clay® is guaranteed to last. It is unbreakable (after proper hardening) and will last. The clay should set for 24 hours for proper hardening.

Can I order extra clay?

Yes! Under the Makins Brand® Memory Frame Kits tab, there is a section for Clay Upgrades. Your can order a variety of colors separately.

How do I assemble my frame?

Follow the instructions that come with the kit. There is also an instructional video located in the Gallery section.

What are the frames made of?

All frames are made of wood and come with a black finish.